About the Jewish Community Subotica

Jews have been living in Subotica since 1775. The buildings of the Jewish Community Subotica and of the monumental new Synagogue were built in 1902. It is located in the very centre of the city and is under a relevant regime of protection as a monument of architectural heritage of secession architects Jakab Dezső and Komor Marcell, who designed the synagogue building, the city hall and some other monumental buildings in Subotica, making it a city characteristic by its secession style.

The building was initially the seat of the Main Rabbinate, and after WWII it is the seat of the Jewish Community Subotica. The Jewish Community is entered from the Dimitrija Tucovića Street. In the ground floor, it houses the small synagogue, the ceremony hall with a performance stage and community hall, and on the first floor there are nicely arranged Community offices including the library, the kitchen, the bathroom and the guest room. The community building also opens on to the courtyard of the Big Synagogue, thus making an integral whole with it. The façade of the community building has been reconstructed and restored to its initial state, and gas central heating has been installed.

The offices of the Jewish Community are open to clients every day. The Jewish Community Subotica is also open to cooperation with all cultural institutions in the city, and through such cooperation it has implemented projects with the City Museum, the City Library, schools (with students and pupils visiting the synagogue), it organized literary events and book promotions, and other forms of cooperation with many associations and cultural workers.

The „Open Door“ is a permanent annual project on the occasion of the European Days of Jewish Heritage, and on this day we invite the citizen of Subotica to show them the activities of the Jewish Community Subotica and the traditions of the Jews living in Subotica together with them.

Since every week in the Small Synagogue, we hold the Kabalat Shabat service, and on holidays services with relevant prayers, our friends from the nearby Jewish communities of Sombor, Zrenjanin, sometimes of Zemun, Pančevo and Kikinda, but also from The Jewish Community Osijek, are welcome guests, and this is also true of celebration of the High Holidays: the Pessah, the Sahvuot, the Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim.

The traditional Kabalat Shabat consists of its standard parts: service according to Aschenasi Jews tradition, explanations about the current Parashat Shavu, traditional songs and a feast following the Kidush, when everyone can address those present, engage in exchange of the most recent developments and news, the good and less fortunate events of the preceding week within their families, and the like. We often host guests coming from outside our community who have an interest in Judaism, our tradition, or who appreciate the architecture of the Big Synagogue.

The Community is also active on international level. Apart from dynamic cooperation with Jewish communities from the former Yugoslavia, we maintain good relations and cooperation with Jewish communities from the neighboring Hungary (Szeged and Hodmezevasharhel) and Romania (Satu Mare).

Address and contacts:
Jevrejska opština Subotica
Ulica Dimitrija Tucovića 13
24000 Subotica