The Jewish Historical Museum in Belgradewas founded in 1948. It operates within the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia, and is a unique museum institution in our country. It is specialized in terms of the area that it covers and very complex in terms of its contents. Apart from the Museum collections, it also has considerable Archives.The activities of the Jewish Historical Museum are diverse and dynamic – it continually presents exhibitions, has a well organized and developed publishing activity, and as the only museum of its kind, it regularly provides professional assistance and information to researchers, scholars, students, artists, and generally all the interested citizens.Except with individuals, the Jewish Historical Museum maintains close contacts with other national and foreign museums and similar institutions. There are frequent individual or small group visits to the Museum exhibitions, and over the recent years the number of group visits, especially foreign ones, is increasing.

The staff of the Jewish Historical Museum consists of: Vojislava Radovanović, ethnologist, director of the JHM, and Branka Džidić, philologist, archivist.

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