Maccabean Games

The Maccabean games, successfully organized by the Jewish Community  Zrenjanin for 13 years now, will take place on the 22nd of June in the picnic area  Babatovo on the Tisa river in the vicinity of Elemir, in the same manner it was performed last year. 

The launching of the games is planned for 10:00 am. Along with the traditional “sports disciplines”, this year, as a novelty, competitions in chess and fishing are being introduced. Participants who prefer sitting in the shade and practicing the “cold beer” discipline, will be in position to “compete”, in three disciplines of their own choice which they need to announce on time: fish soup with fried fish, chicken with fried potato, or a vegetarian lunch  

Sport results are, of course, not a priority of the day, but pleasant socializing and having good time, which, thus far have never failed. Therefore, the organizers claim that they will not lack neither this time.