Ethnic Sounds in the Synagogue Yard

The gate of the Belgrade Synagogue yard will be open for the fifth time for those who admire traditional music of various cultures. Between June the 18th till June the 21st the already traditional Ethno Fusion Fest will take place in the yard of the Belgrade Jewish temple.

On the first day the Festival will open at 20:00 pm with the Ethno Fusion Fest band Libi Bamizrah’s project – My Heart is in the East, performed by 13 musicians from seven different countries. In a form of a creative musical workshop they will perform the widest range of the most beautiful traditional Jewish music, combining their individual knowledge and creating new musical spaces.

On the second festival day, the 19th of  June, at the same hour, the group Somreh will perform, a trio whose repertoire  comprises of  pieces  of elegant and mysterious oriental music. After them, at 21:30, a group Izvor, which invests efforts into preserving and performing traditional music of the Balkans,  will take over the stage.

On Saturday, the 21st of June the Festival closes with the already traditional  performance of the Shira U’tfila, one of the most popular groups, with their old program and the new one and  introducing  their guest from Israel, the great star Inbar Bakar.